(Grass Valley, CA) Want a beautiful mandolin, guitar or archtop guitar? Go see this guy, in Grass Valley. Without a doubt, he makes some of the finest instruments and inlay work around. Michael encouraged me to produce the Gard for others, and was the only seller of them for years. He even came up with the name “Tone-Gard.” What a guy!

(online) is the central link in the mando world, for me anyway, always changing and inspiring. My favorite spot for tab! You’ll find discussion of the Tone-Gard there too.

(Berkeley, CA) is a music venue operated by a nonprofit arts organization dedicated to promoting public awareness and understanding of traditional music (Berkeley Society for the Preservation of Traditional Music). Too bad I live several hours’ drive away.

(Inverness, CA) sells new and used instruments. This guy’s got everything, and good prices besides.

(Cambridge, VT) Looking for something different? Don’t want to be part of the herd? These guys have come up with a mandolin that is truly original looking, but without sacrificing tone and volume. I make a special Gard to fit these instruments.