What Are Tone-Gard™ Prices?

Due to recent surge in the cost of my raw materials, my prices are changing too quickly to specify here for now. All I can say is probably you should order sooner than later. Larger Gards, such as the D-Gard for guitar, use the most material and therefore are most affected. Please inquire at INFO [at] TONE-GARD.COM for the current price of the Gard in which you're interested:

  • Standard SunriseGards™, DecoGards™, and VintageGards™ for standard A or F-style mandolin

  • DolaGard-V for Gibson H1 or H2 mandola, and DolaGard-S for H4 or H5 mandola. P lease inquire for other makers.

  • OM-Gard for A-shape octave mandolins such as Weber or Eastman MDO-305

  • D-Gard for Martin dreadnought guitar

  • B-Gard-11, for 11" open-back banjos with multi-laminate rims. As used by Mark Johnson and Steve Martin, except redesigned laser-cut B-Gard now holds to inside instead of outside of rim

  • B-Gard-12, for 12" open-back banjos with multi-laminate rims

Add Shipping

  • PLEASE ADD TO ITEM PRICES ABOVE: $5 for mandolin Gards or $15 for guitar Gards for shipping via USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail from central California. For special shipping needs or international orders, please email me at INFO [at] TONE-GARD.COM

How Do I Order and Pay?

For all orders, questions, address, and availability, please email me at INFO [at] TONE-GARD.COM

You can pay using a Visa, Mastercard, etc. through Paypal (without having a PayPal account). Or pay by postal money order. Otherwise no personal checks, credit cards, or CODs. I'll provide specifics when you order.

I don’t put my postal address out here because I want to have contact with you beforehand. This way I can address any concerns you might have, and also be aware that you want to order. I take pride in handling each order as promptly as possible, and I can’t do this if someone just fires off an order and I don’t know about it. This way I can keep track of whom I’m making a Gard for, how long the order has been in the mail, how long the Gard has been in the return mail, and whether the order or the Gard are lost. I don’t take credit cards directly, but you can use one through Paypal. After we have exchanged emails, I feel like we have a virtual handshake. I’ll trust your payment, and you trust me to deliver a Gard. Trust, service, and word-of-mouth recommendations have been always mainstays of the Tone-Gard™.