How much? & how do I order a Tone-Gard™?


  • Standard SunriseGards™, DecoGards™, and VintageGards™: $75
  • Rigel™ Gards: $80
  • Custom Gards for mandolas, octave mandolins, mandocellos, etc.: $85
  • Standard dreadnought guitar D-Gards: $135
  • Custom Gards for other guitar sizes (Maccaferi/Selmer, L-5, Jumbo, 00, 000, etc.), banjos, ukes, citterns, cuatros, domras, bandurias, tamburitzas, etc.: Please inquire
  • Custom Design Gards: Send me the design, and I'll give you an estimate
  • Plus Shipping Cost: For U.S.P.S 2-3 Day Priority Mail, ADD $5 for mandolin Gards, or ADD $15 for guitar Gards, to the prices above.

    For special shipping needs or for international orders, please email me at INFO[at]TONE-GARD.COM

    Payment: I accept personal checks, postal money orders, and PayPal (where you can use a credit card -- you don't need a PayPal account).  NO credit cards or CODs. 

    You can order standard Gards online and pay by credit card from some RETAILERS


    For all orders, questions, address, and availability, please email me at INFO[at]TONE-GARD.COM

    Why isn’t your address here so I can mail an order right now?

    I don’t put my postal address out here because I want to have contact with you beforehand. This way I can address any concerns you might have, and also be aware that you want to order. I take pride in handling each order as promptly as possible, and I can’t do this if someone just fires off an order and I don’t know about it. This way I can keep track of whom I’m making a Gard for, how long the order has been in the mail, how long the Gard has been in the return mail, and whether the order or the Gard are lost. I don’t do credit cards, sorry. After we have exchanged emails, I feel like we have a virtual handshake. I’ll trust your check, and you trust me to deliver a Gard. Trust, service, and word-of-mouth recommendations have been always mainstays of the Tone-Gard™.